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Is there any food that you won’t let your kid eat? I do try to make sure they(and me) are eating 75-90% healthy but I also don’t ban ANY food.

I’m just curious because I’ve recently heard several moms say that their kid isn’t allowed to eat this or that no matter what.

  1. myangeljames said: I let James have anything. Just in moderation. If you ban it, how do you live with those bans as an adult.
  2. togetbackhomeward said: Soda. But otherwise, we do things in moderation. Ezra can have treats, but not all the time, and with a limit of course. But no soda. He doesn’t need caffeine.
  3. wordslikeswords said: I give her almost anything she will eat. No artificially sweetened drinks, nothing fried, no candy, but that’s it.
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